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Owner California
Features an in-line, barbless "Hangnail" hook point to specifically satisfy California's salmon tackle regulation requirements. Wide gap circle hook design for rigging live & dead baits, with an up-eye that allows for snelling, plus a corrosion-resistant.
Owner All Purpose Ssw?
The straight eye allows for more efficient-in-line hook sets. Features include forged shank, reversed-bend point and black chrome finish.
Mountain House Pro-Pak Vacuum Pouch
$7.39 - $9.89
Compact Vacuum Pouch. Won't expand at high elevations. Takes less space in your backpack. Convenient stand up zipper pouch. Compared to our regular pouches Pro-Paks are vacuum sealed for compactness and so they won't expand at altitude. Pro-Paks also contain slightly less food compared to our regular sized pouches.
Berkley Gulp!® Sandworm
Looks and feels like natural cut sandworms. Rig and fish like live bait - longer lasting and durable. Disperses natural scent that attracts fish.
Berkley Gulp!®
No two are alike - just like live. Lifelike look, feel, action, smell and taste of a live bloodworm with less mess and more durability. Outfishes live bloodworms. 6". 8 mini pack.
Pucci Shrimp Fly Rockfish Rigs
One of the most popular rockfish rigs in our area. 2 fly rig tied on 60 lb. 48" leader comes in several color variations including red/yellow, blue/white, green/chartreuse and mixed along others.
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