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Fishing Accessories & Terminal Tackle

Calcutta Wood Fish Billy
Wood Fish Billy features a lead core for added "Thump", square handle to minimize rolling on deck and lanyard for security.
Promar Deluxe Lobster/Crab Net
Hoop net measures 32" in diameter. Designed with a proven bait holding double layer net pocket. Heavy-duty 20" deep polyethylene netting. Zinc galvanized steel construction. 32" upper ring, 12" lower ring. Includes 2 secure floats and 100 ft. rope.
Promar Heavy Duty Crab Pot
Vinyl Coated Steel Wire, 3 Tunnel Entrances, Internal Bait Box, 4.25" X 2 Escape Rings.
Pucci Shrimp Fly Rockfish Rigs
One of the most popular rockfish rigs in our area. 2 fly rig tied on 60 lb. 48" leader comes in several color variations including red/yellow, blue/white, green/chartreuse and mixed along others.
Pucci Crab Trap Floats
Make your crab trap easy to spot with these floats.
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