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Dungeness Crab Season is Open!

DUNGENESS CRAB:  The recreational Dungeness crab season is now open, giving folks the opportunity to take up to 10 crabs home per person per day!  We're currently running crab-only trips from our shop.  All you need for these trips is a fishing license for anyone 16 and older and a burlap bag to take your crab off the boat...and both are available for purchase at the shop in the morning.  Good idea to also have an ice chest waiting in your car to put the crab in to take home.   Join a trip by tapping "Book Online" or give us a call.  Our shop also has loads of crab gear for those who want to fish off the shore, jetty or piers.

ROCKFISH:  Rockfishing off the coastline continues be restricted to catching slope and shelf rockfish outside of the 50 fathom boundary (deeper than 300 feet), as it was earlier this season.  This applies to all areas from the Oregon border to just above Santa Barbara through the end of 2023 in an attempt to protect one species of rockfish...the quillback.  Thankfully the deeper water does crank out some extremely huge rockfish as we saw earlier this year...it just takes a little more muscle and a little heavier sinkers and gear.

Welcome to Half Moon Bay Sportfishing and Tackle, located on the coast about 20 miles south of San Francisco, the only stop you have to make for the fishing adventure of a lifetime! We have the supplies you need for a fantastic day on the water onboard the charterboats that book through our shop as well as all the basic gear, bait, and tackle you need for a great trip on your own boat or from the shore. You can also purchase day and annual fishing licenses as well as commercial fishing and hunting licenses at our shop. Our staff has unsurpased knowledge of gear and techniques for salmon, rockfishing, surf fishing, Dungeness crab and other various species of ocean dwellers that live in our part of the ocean.

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Got Bait?

We've always had a complete array of the best bait that's available for sale in our shop that is constantly rotated to be as fresh as possible. But now we've gone one step further...Half Moon Bay Sportfishing is one of the first bait and tackle shops in California to own its own frozen bait vending machine available outside our front door 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Even when the shop is closed or we're crazy busy getting our charterboat customers out first thing in the morning, you can purchase your frozen bait from the machine using either cash or credit cards and get on out to the water quickly and easily.

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Charterboat Trips

Half Moon Bay Sportfishing and Tackle is proud to be the booking agent for the vessel Queen of Hearts, which has taken more people fishing out of Half Moon Bay than any other boat, hands down, since 1990.  The Queen of Hearts is Coast Guard licensed and inspected, insured, well maintained, and has an impeccable safety record.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, beginning in March 2020 when the stay at home orders were established, we discontinued  booking any other vessels other than the Queen of Hearts through our shop.  As of July 2021, however, we are once again booking the fast, clean and sleek six-pack boat the Reel Screamer II.

The Queen of Hearts with Captain Wallace Klughers at the helm is ready to take you fishing on our productive grounds.  The Queen of Hearts is well known for offering outstanding rockfishing trips, but also fishes for salmon when in season, albacore when in range, and will offer crab combos beginning with the 2019 crab season.  The Queen of Hearts has taken more folks fishing for over the last 25 years than any other charterboat in the area.  Whether you want to catch a big Lingcod or a huge Red, salmon or crab … the Queen of Hearts is for you!
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Half Moon Bay Sportfishing is delighted to be working with the six person vessel the Reel Screamer II owned and operated by Capt. Don Giberson.  The Reel Screamer II  is a gorgeous, immaculate 35’ Carolina Classic sportfishing yacht catering to the needs of up to six passengers.  Everything needed to fish onboard the Reel Screamer is included with the price of the fare, including fishing rods, reels, terminal tackle and bait.  The only extra required is a fishing license which can be purchased at our shop the morning of the trip.  Join Capt. Don for your next fishing adventure!

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