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Open 7 days a week at 5 or 6am when charterboats are operating starting April
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Mavericks Surf Contest and Non-Contest Boat Tours

Half Moon Bay Sportfishing and Tackle offers boat tours to view Mavericks Surf Contest operating from Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay, California

Looking to get the best seats in the house to view the Mavericks surf contest up close and personal?  Half Moon Bay Sportfishing and Tackle, located right at the docks just a few minutes boat ride south of Mavericks, offers boat tours to view the surf contest at Mavericks as well as non-contest boat trips. All vessels are fully insured, licensed and Coast Guard inspected and are owned and operated by some of the most experienced captains in the Bay Area charterboat fleet. We are the only dockside shop offering trips from Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay. We have an exceptional reputation, have owned and operated our boat, the 50' Queen of Hearts out of Pillar Point for over 25 years, and are the longest running operation that has taken more than a thousand folks to view Mavericks over the past several contests.

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Half Moon Bay Sportfishing has all your tackle needs!

Welcome to Half Moon Bay Sportfishing, located on the coast about 20 miles south of San Francisco, the only stop you have to make for the fishing adventure of a lifetime! We have the supplies you need for a fantastic day on the water aboard our charterboats as well as all the basic gear, bait and tackle you need for a great trip on your own boat or from the shore. We also specialize in whale watching and wildlife trips.

Our staff has unsurpassed knowledge of local waters and fishing techniques for salmon, rockfish, albacore, surf fishing, Dungeness crab and more, constantly updated during the season by the best method of all: on the water experience. Isn't it time you experienced our great coast and all it has to offer?

Calcutta frozen bait machineGot Bait??  We've always had a complete array of the best bait that's available for sale in our shop that is constantly rotated to be as fresh as possible.  But now we've gone one step further...Half Moon Bay Sportfishing is one of the first bait and tackle shops in California to own its own frozen bait vending machine available outside our front door 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Even when the shop is closed or we're crazy busy getting our charterboat customers out first thing in the morning, you can purchase your frozen bait from the machine using either cash or credit cards and get on out to the water quickly and easily.

2017 Season for Rockfish, Lingcod opens April 1
Salmon Season also Open as of April 1!

Salmon Season opens Saturday, April 1

The 2017 salmon season is open through October 31.  As is the case with most boats along the Bay Area coastline, we are typically trolling for salmon which allows us to cover more territory and has been the salmon's method of choice the last several years resulting in the best catches in our area.  We will be offering either salmon or rockfishing trips daily as of April 1, weather and interest permitting, as the rockfishing season will open in April.  Even though the salmon season normally stays open in our area into the fall months, some of the best fishing along our coastline typically takes place during the early part of the season, and we'll be offering salmon trips on a regular basis for as long as the season is open and the salmon stay within range. 

Check our schedule/reservations page and book a trip now! 

Rockfishing season opens on the 1st of April again this year...with a few changes!  The  territory below Pigeon Point, about 18 miles south of our harbor, opens for rockfishing on Saturday, April 1st this year, same as last year.  The rest of the areas right off our coastline open just two weeks later on Saturday, April 15, and will kick our rockfishing trips into full gear.  We had outstanding rockfishing last season and expect the bite to be great this year as well.  Two big changes we are looking forward to this season:  We will be able to fish areas that have been closed for over a decade as we will be able to fish 10 fathoms deeper this year (out to 240 feet above Pigeon Point and 300 feet below Pigeon Point), and we will be allowed to keep one canary rockfish, one of the prized rockfish that have been off limits for years.  The rockfishing and lingcod season lasts all the way through the end of December again this year. 

Tuna, tuna, tuna...once again, they didn't grace us with their presence again last season, but, as always, we'll be keeping an eye on offshore conditions and reports, and if the albacore bite comes together, you can be sure we will have trips on tap!  If the tuna are going to swim within range, they usually start showing up by the early to mid summer months.